Turning Tables



New Jam residents might think Bermonsdey St has always been the natural home of tapas and negronis. Not so.

Old men – without polar beards and ironic bicycle clips – remember when dahn our way it was The Woolpack or nuffink, mate.

This chronology of Bermondsey St boozers and nosh shops reveals how very recent the growth spurt is – and also how cosmopolitan the spread.

The Woolpack 1885
The Marigold 1913
Al’s Café 1979
The Garrison 2003
Village East 2006
Caphe House 2009
Zucca 2010
Josë 2011
Pizarro 2011
Antico 2012
Tanner & Co 2013
Casse-Croûte 2013
Ticino 2014
B St Deli 2014
The Watch House 2014

And guess who’s coming soon to that open-shut-open-shut café next to George the barber. Someone quite well known…