Why the 42 bus was late

Tourists and tall ships love it. For locals, it’s just a journey-buster. When Tower Bridge opens up – and it does so 1000 times a year, according to official bridge sources – you can bank on being late for work.

If that sounds like one of those unlikely schoolday excuses (My maths homework? My dog ate it), get your boss to check the lifting schedule at: www.towerbridge.org.uk/TBE/EN/BridgeLiftTimes

And if you’d ever like to have the bascules raised for your own personal bling-yacht benefit, you’ll be delighted and probably amazed to know that it’ll cost you absolutely nothing. Yes, nothing. Just email the Bridge 24 hours in advance and you too can cause an hour of unmitigated traffic chaos in Central London at no charge to yourself whatsoever. Unbelievable? True.