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    This is a brief note from JFRA just to clarify who’s who and what we do. If you have any questions or want to become a member please feel free to contact us at the address below.

    What is JFRA?

    • A residents association with membership open to all residents
    • JFRA is run with the aim of improving the site for all
    • JFRA is run by an elected committee of volunteers
    • All members pay an annual membership fee, this income is used to improve the site with any major expenditure being pre-approved by members at an AGM or EGM

    Who recognises JFRA?

    • JFRA is the only residents association recognised by the freeholder Jam Factory Freehold Ltd (JFFL)
    • JFRA is the only residents association recognised by Southwark Council
    • JFRA is a member of the Federation of Private Residents Associations (FPRA)

    What can JFRA do?

    • Voice residents issues to Stonedale the managing agent and JFFL the freeholder
    • Present residents issues to Southwark Council
    • Make small improvements around the site, as approved by the freeholder
    • Organise social events

    What can’t JFRA do?

    • JFRA cannot instruct Stonedale the managing agent, only the freeholder, JFFL, can do this

    What is JFRA currently working on?

    • Working with the freeholder, JFFL, to improve the site. JFRA are pleased to have a freeholder who cares about the site. Most issues on the site have been around for many years and will take some time to resolve but JFRA are confident that JFFL will make great improvements to the site over the coming months.
    • Working with Southwark Council on the Rothsay Street development
    • Making improvements to the site such as additional security around the gates and garden fence and additional plants. All work has to have prior approval from the freeholder.

    What is JFFL?

    • JFFL stands for Jam Factory Freehold Ltd
    • JFFL is the freeholder of Blocks A-C and the Porters Lodge. Block D, the car park and the garden are owned by others.
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